Superstar Where you from? How’s it going? I know you got a clue what you’re doing? You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here, But I know what you are, what you are, baby Look at you getting more than just a re-up Baby, you got all the puppets with their … Read more

Sorry For Now

[Mike Shinoda:] Watching the wings cut through the clouds Watching the raindrops blinking red and white Thinking of you back on the ground There with a fire burning in your eyes I only halfway apologized [Mike Shinoda:] And I’ll be sorry for now That I couldn’t be around Sometimes things refuse To go the way … Read more

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Holdin’ hands at midnight ‘neath a starry sky Nice work if you can get it And you can get it if you try Strollin’ with the one girl Sighin’ sigh after sigh Nice work if you can get it And you can get it if you try Just imagine someone Waiting at the cottage door … Read more

State Of Grace

Love is a state of grace Transcending time and space No other way I can describe Insanely beautiful It’s almost mystical Cause you’re mine And I can’t believe that I feel What I feel Such a strange kind of ‘real’ Love is a state of grace Between you and I Golden, broken I didn’t know … Read more

Wait For You

I know you’re trying to get around me baby I know you’ve got me in your heart baby I know that you could love me If you only had a guarantee When I look at your face it’s so empty I know I could fill you with love baby Your soul is dying for me … Read more

Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home

Baby won’t you please come home? ‘Cause your daddy’s all alone I have tried in vain Never no more to call your name When you left you broke my heart Because I never thought we’d part Every hour in the day you will hear me say “Baby come home” Baby won’t you please come home? … Read more

Constantly Armed

[Eminem Talking] [Eminem] In my mind I’ma fighter, my heart’s a lighter My soul is the fluid, my flow sparks it right up Arsenic writer, author with arthritis Carpel tunnel, Marshall will start shit-itis Hard headed and hot headed, bull headed and pig headed Dick headed, a prick, a big headache I’m sick Quick witted, … Read more

Christmas In New Orleans

Ah Magnolia trees at night Sparkling bright Fields of cotton look wintery white When it’s Christmas time In New Orleans A barefoot choir in prayer Fills the air Mississippi folks Are gathering there When it’s Christmas time In New Orleans You’ll see a dixieland Santa Claus Leading the band To a good old Creole beat … Read more

Where Is The One?

Where is the one Who’ll end the search I’m making Where is the one Who’ll change my dream to waking Behind some far off secret door There’s my love There’s my life In store The journey’s long Much longer than I reckoned In any throng I’ll know her in a second Some lucky day I’m … Read more