Have You Met Miss Jones? Lyrics

_x000D_ “Have you met Miss Jones?” someone said as we shook hands, She was just Miss Jones to me. And then I said, “Miss Jones, you’re a girl who understands I’m a man who must be free.” And all at once I lost my breath, and all at once was scared to death, And all … Read more

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Hers (Interlude) Lyrics

_x000D_ When I wear his shirt, it feels like, like his skin over mine And the little holes and tears and shreds on in are, are, are the, the memories of the past that I wasn’t there for, but, that somehow I, I feel like I understand more when it’s against my skin It’s an … Read more

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Heart And Soul Lyrics

_x000D_ Heart and soul I fell in love with you heart and soul The way a fool would do madly Because you held me tight And stole a kiss in the night Heart and soul I begged to be adored I lost control and tumbled overboard gladly That magic night we kissed There in the … Read more

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Hear My Heart | Dean Martin Lyrics

Hear my heart hear the sound it makes of love The sound that whispers I love only you Every beat seems to tell me that we’ll meet Yet I know you’re meeting someone new Ask you’re heart if our love is really lost If it answers yes I’ll know it then But if there’s a … Read more

H! Vltg3 Lyrics | Linkin Park

Sometime, sometime, sometime, sometime (Hybrid, Linkin Park) I’ve been digging into crates, ever since I was livin’ in space Before the rat race, before monkeys had human traits I mastered numerology and Big Bang theology Performed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology Invented the mic, so I could start blessin’ it Chin-checkin’ kids to make my point … Read more

How Do You Keep The Music Playing? Lyrics

_x000D_ How do you keep the music playing, how do you make it last How do keep the song from fading too fast How do you lose yourself to someone, and never lose your way How do you not run out of new things to say And since you know we’re always changing, how can … Read more

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