Love Will Keep You Up All Night Lyrics

[Brian:]_x000D_ I won’t tell nobody_x000D_ I’ll just scream it in my mind_x000D_ Nothing good in life is scripted_x000D_ It’s not like we predicted_x000D_ That the one you want_x000D_ Is gonna be the one you thought [Nick:]_x000D_ I won’t tell nobody_x000D_ But I won’t live like a prisoner_x000D_ Nothing has to be so perfect_x000D_ Can you … Read more

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Love Me Or Leave Me | Shawn Mendes Lyrics

Can I open my mouth and let the words come spilling now? Show you the side of me that I hadn’t figured out And I want you to know all the things that I think about Can I let it out? Cause I want you to be there Yeah, I want you to be there … Read more

Looking For An Answer Lyrics

_x000D_ There’s an emptiness tonight A hole that wasn’t there before And I keep reaching for the light But I can’t find it anymore There’s an emptiness tonight A heavy hand that pulls me down They say it’s gonna be alright But can’t begin to tell me how And I ask myself out loud Have … Read more

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Love Don’t Love Me Lyrics

_x000D_ 5 foot 9_x000D_ She’s got legs for days_x000D_ (For days)_x000D_ Green eyes that cut like a knife_x000D_ And her own little sexy sway_x000D_ No, she don’t waste no time_x000D_ Moving to the floor_x000D_ (To the floor)_x000D_ And when she starts to move she had me_x000D_ Calling your mama saying you wanna go home _x000D_ … Read more

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